L18 lower thermostat housing
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Author:  duncan16v [ Sun Dec 05, 2021 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  L18 lower thermostat housing

Hi all

My car's got an old-school Davies-Craig thermo fan with the temperature sender inserted into the upper radiator hose via the radiator. Which leaks. And has always leaked. I'm looking at ways to get a temp sensor in the system that doesn't leak.

So: the lower thermostat housing on the L18 has two tapped ports. One is used for the temperature sender, and on my car, the other has a bolt in it, blocking it. As far as I can see from the manuals, that's all correct and as it should be. But that second port looks like it's just what I need for a secondary sensor. But I want to avoid draining the cooling system if there's no point - does anyone know what thread and diameter the second port is? Will a bog standard 1/4" temperature sender fit in this port? Will it foul the thermostat?


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